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On the Way Home

Written by Pat


I watched the stars come crashing down,

My pounding heart was a deafening sound.

And still I thought that I was home,

For now I'm gone and now I walk alone.

I drove the long way home last night,

I drove alone to keep the tears from sight.

I would try to call you on the phone,

My emotions out on loan.

But still I'd walk alone.


Would you do anything to break my heart?

Something to let me know right from the start.

That this never working,

I never got anything.

And now I have to go,

Never answer the phone.

And now I walk alone.


What tosay when we become just friends?

It feels like something is at its end.

How could I have been so wrong?

Why did it take so long? Never figure out, so wrote you this song.

 The silence you gave me only seemed to kill,

I turn on the radio to deaden how I feel.

My time with you is wasted,

Time to fill has been spaced, and now I'm all alone.