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The Music



About Us

Statement of Faith




-Age: 16

-Birthdate: 3/4/87

-Role:drums and SOME Vocals

-Role Model/Hero: spiderman cause he's red
-fav. movies: meet the parents, mr. deeds, ben hur(uhh NO)
-fav. tv shows: Saved by the Bell, Fear Factor, anything on the discovery channel

-Nickname: jayman, jay, sticks, hands, ugly face 
-Fav. Actors: jim carrey, adam sandler, old chris farley, kirk cameron 
-Fav. Bands: mxpx, pax 217, newsboys, shaded red, good charlotte, audio adrenaline, project 86, relient k, jars of clay, dave matthews band,jimmy eat world , five iron frenzy, weezer, the huntingtons, box car racer, wesley willis, our lady peace. 
-Fav. Cars: olds '72 blue with white roof, delta 88, 8 cylinder, 350 rocket. 
-Stuff I like to do: play my guitar and smash my drums, hurt my lil bro, make girls parents mad, j/k, look through the ol mt. trader. 
-One place i want to visit: guam
-One place I would like to play: opening on stage for relient K!  
-Sports I play: golf!!!!, skiing, basketball. soccer, and table tennis 
-Musical Influences: marty(the man at guitar) mr. warden(crazy)
-My Dream Instrument: pearl custom 10 piece, pearl heads, with double basas acton, zildjian cymbals, and like 5 cowbells(right)  

-Shout outs: steve and patty- cause they are cool- and they are good at stuff.  to steve and casey, coolest middle aged guys ever, all the cool teachers... what?? yeah there are a few, all my friends at school, I don't want to leave anyone out so I am just going to say everyone I know!