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Forget My Name

Written by Pat


It was cold that night,

And I held your hand.

We walked along the path,

And I prayed it never end.

And you're gone,

But I still see your face.

So long.

Disappear without a trace.


So, I'll go on,

The wind will seem to catch my fall.

Cause I'm thinking of you,

Yes, I'm thinking of you.

Do you miss me?

Because I miss you.

And you're gone,

You're gone,

And you've left this place,

Forget my name,

Forget my face.

You moved away,

I stayed the same.

Now everything's moved on.

And you're gone.


The summer seemed to go by way too fast,

Memories of me and you they never seem to last.

No reply,

I go to my room and there I die.

My inside,

I still see your face.