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Flowers in the Mud
Written by Pat

Verse One:

It was just another day,
When I heard the shocking news.
We had nothing left to save,
We didn't have a clue.
It never seemed that real to me,
To think that this was happening.
I never wanted to believe this.

Verse Two:

Now the thing has come and gone,
There's no one left to blame.
The terror has left the bomb,
And we have to explain.
And now there's just a stupid mess,
And thousands left unclaimed.
We never wanted this.


So where are we now? What can we do?
What can we find? What can we prove?
What can come from this confusion?
This state of mind, the non-illusion.
What do we say? To those who pay.
To those who lost and gone astray?
What can we go that's somewhere safe?
And find a way back to God.

Verse Three:

So what have we found?
In this dangerous ground.
A new found unity,
A brand new community.
But where do we go?
To find someone we know.
Back to God and what He made for us.


So many have gone on,
And were left to carry on.
The battle, the fighting,
The prayers were reciting.
Where do we go, where do we run,
Where is the place with lots of fun.
Back to God we need to go,
Back to God we need to go.