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Distance Is A Killer
Written by Steve

Its done nothing but get harder
since the day I left your side
looking forward to the future
and leaving the past behind
I've got this battered picture
and a wal mart calling card
If we write each other constantly
it might not be so hard

I read the note you wrote me
at least a thousand times
I've been gone for two whole hours
and it feels like 3 lifetimes
I didn't want to leave last night
But I had to hit the road
We were leaving in the morning
To a place that we'd call home

The more our distance grows
The more my heart will break
You're ten thousand miles away
And that's more than I can take
I thought I could survive
Thought nothing could ever change
but I'm stuck here without you
and things will never be the same

I looked out the back window
In hopes of seeing you
When all I saw was the sunrise
that I once shared with you
I have nothing left to say
But I miss you