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The Music



About Us

Statement of Faith



-Age: 18

-Birthdate: 8/17/84

-Role: Bass and Lead Vocals

-Role Model/Hero: Edith Bunker from All In the Family (I think she invented A.D.D.)
-fav. movies: milo and otis, wayne's world 1 and 2 and all the ninja turtle movies, lilo and stitch, ace ventura, super troopers
-fav. tv shows: catdog

-Nickname: pattiwack, patricia, patty, the guy who can't match 
-Fav. Actors: bill murray, jim carrey, and me
-Fav. Bands: mxpx, Chux, blink 182, estelle, operation ivy, rancid, inspection 12, jars of clay, dave matthews band, something corporate, finch, five iron frenzy, less than jake, dropkick murphys, frank sinatra, dashboard confessional, ramones, foo fighters, box car racer, flogging molly, bouncing souls, the ataris 

-Fav. Cars: anything ghetto (old skool toyota with a dent on the side...and maybe a missing mirror and horn)
-Stuff I like to do: play music, hang out with my homeys, play soccer, skate(or roll around on my board), get in trouble (but not really) 
-One place i want to visit: the place where they make cheese 
-One place I would like to play: k-mart (who wouldn't?)
-Fav. Songs: the struggle- mxpx, the crowd- operation ivy, the spicey mchaggis jig- dropkick murphys, worlds apart- jars of clay, doppleganger - inspection 12, sheena is a punk rocker- the ramones, there is- box car racer, goodbye sky harbor- jimmy eat world, hitchin a ride- green day, josie- blink 182, what it is to burn- finch, anything from estelle. 
-Sports I play: soccer (again, not enough people to have a team), skiing, snowboarding
-Musical Influences: Debbie Redden, Logan (from Chux)anyone who plays guitar at school